About this Site

Who is on the staff of The Modern Age and where are you located?

The Modern Age is the sole creation of one person known as Miss Modernage. The site is published from New York.

Wait, if only one person does this site, what was up with all that "we" nonsense?

Simple, it was an editorial device.

Tell me more...

Miss Modernage was born, raised, and currently lives in New York. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Print Journalism from a fancy university located in downtown New York City. She has traveled to various cities in Europe and Asia and briefly lived in London, England in 2001.

Her freelance rock journalism portfolio includes writing the Spring 2004 cover story on The Von Bondies for Venus, interviewing The Distillers for NME, and talking to Whirlwind Heat for Earlash. She has also written for Paper, CMJ Music Monthly, Blender, Let Them Eat Lead, and Jersey Beat.

Miss Modernage was declared "Best Scenester" by The Village Voice in 2003 and has been interviewed by The New York Press about bloggers and the New York rock scene. Miss M has done several DJing stints at various clubs in the New York metro area. She has spun at Filter 14 (for Modern Snack Bar), Pianos, and Rothko.

Any queries regarding writing or DJing opportunities can be sent via email to eic @ themodernage.org.

Miss M's favorite movies include Clueless, Mean Girls, 200 Cigarettes, Trainspotting, Sliding Doors, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Miss Modernage loves Teen Vogue. She likes bunnies, Avril Lavigne, rock shows, and presents.

And one time she got Duran Duran's Simon LeBon to carry her like a child.

What has the press said about the site?

The Modern Age was nominated for a 2003 Bloggie Award for "Best Weblog about Music." It was cited as the Number Two site in the "Top Ten Websites Which Aren't NME.com or Popjustice.com" in the 2004 NME Big Book. (Friendster.com was Number One.)

The Sept/Oct 2003 issue of Magnet magazine reviewed TMA calling it "a cheat sheet for those who can only pretend they're cool enough to live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn." I think that's supposed to be a compliment.

Also, Tricia Romano of The Village Voice covered the "close" of TMA for her gossip column, "The Fly Life," in October 2003.

Most recently, TMA received kind words from the snarky buggers at the NYP, this time calling the site the "Best Music Blog That's No Longer Really About Music" in their "Best of Manhattan 2004" issue.

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Why "The Modern Age"?

The Strokes. The name of the first Strokes UK single was "The Modern Age." But more than anything, it's a cool name. This is not a Strokes fansite. I may post about them quite frequently, but this is not a site about the band nor is it affiliated with The Strokes.

What type of tools are used to create this site?

In October 2004, this entire site was redesigned to comply with XHTML and CSS standards. I'm not a web designer, so if it doesn't look good on your browser...er...sorry?

I handcode and program using Wordpad. I publish the site using Blogger. I am hosted by Dreamhost.com.

All original photography that appears on the site was taken with one of the following cameras: Contax T3 (35 mm), Minolta Freedom (35 mm), Nikon Coolpix 885 (digital).

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